A Shift in Focus

The Real Need to Stop.

During the course of any journey, one needs to stop every once in a while, to look around, check that you’re actually moving in the right direction. To check the location of certain key features against those on a map, to ensure that you actually are where you think you are on the map, and then get back to moving towards your destination. This is how life must be treated too, I have found.

Stopping to look around and Find Direction

For me, this happened last December (2014). It was a time to look at the industry and understand where it was going, and look at me and my skills and understand where I was going, and where I wanted to go. The picture in my head didn’t match where the map told me I was, and where I was going. This was disconcerting. So I decided to look around and find my direction once again before restarting my journey.

These days I’m looking around more often to make sure I’m on the right course. As a result, my course corrections aren’t as big as they needed to be in the past. That is comforting.

You’ll see this course correction in the content of this blog, and my other online properties as I start adding more content. I will also be making larger, and more apparent changes.

How Often do You Make Course Corrections

How often do you look at your life and make changes that you need to? If you don’t look at the big picture often, do you find that you need to make bigger corrections? What would happen if you made more frequent evaluations and corrections on your life’s journey?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and I will answer immediately. I wish you well in all your endeavours.

The Beautiful Chaos of Indian Roads

I’d like to introduce you to an Indian motovlogging channel called “Biking In India“. It’s a YouTube channel that explores the streets of Chennai, and beyond.

I’ve ridden the same bike for 11 years, and been through quite a few silly incidents with it in that time. Like this one. Through it all, one experience that has not been diluted is the experience of travelling on Indian roads. If anything, it has only become more intense.

Motovlogging YouTubers from India

“Biking In India”┬áis one of the new wave of Indian Moto Vloggers who have started posting their videos on YouTube. Take a look at the channel trailer. I think it summarises this motovlogger’s channel quite decently.

Some of my favourite Indian Motovloggers

Some of the other biking vloggers in India that I find have something interesting to talk about and contribute are:

This list is in no particular order of preference and hopefully will be updated. I can see that the inspiration to motovlog has come from the west though. While in India riding a motorcycle is very common (although not sports or higher capacity bikes), it isn’t so common in the west. However, higher cubic capacity bikes are making their way to India and leisure riding is becoming more common, and with it comes the need to be a part of a unique group of individuals. Riding clubs are becoming more common, as are weekend getaway trips.

Documenting all these are the motovloggers mentioned above. Many of them also just document their daily commute to and from work, all the while showing off our ‘unique’ roads… Cows, Cops, jaywalkers, people who are unaware of the rules and more craziness.

Now go ahead and watch that video. You should also check out the other motovloggers that I’ve mentioned because their work is unique, and needs your support. See you around soon.

Vlogging and Motovlogging around the world

Note: I forgot to mention some of my favourite western motovloggers. Top of the list is Walteriffic, followed by others like Motonosity, Chase on 2 Wheels, and others. I distinctly have a preference for vloggers who don’t swear. Walteriffic is like that, as is Motonosity. Among the daily vloggers who keep things clean is “Casey Neistat”…

Amazing work by all these people, and I’m constantly amazed by the quantum of video content that is going online every single day! It’s a torrential downpour!

Now, like I said… Go watch those videos.