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Apple UnSlow Commercial

I’m an Apple fan. I have been for quite a while now… I’ve moved all my work from a PC desktop to a mac book pro so that I can get things done one the go, and things work great.

Recently though, 37Signals brought into question, the forthrightness of one of Apple’s ads.

Here’s a short video that compares Real-Life 3G performance and Apple’s advertising material.

Yes, I do get that “twice as fast” is in reference to non-3G wireless networks, but its still misleading.

Covenant India website goes Live! ColoursAlive happy.

The entire ColoursAlive team working on the Covenant India Website were pleasantly surprised at the cheering that it received when unveiled at Covenant India’s Corporate Office in Chennai.

Covenant India is a HR Consulting firm that has grown exponentially over the last 5 years, from being a team of 3 in 2003 to a team of 115 in 2008. The entire organisation is perpetually pervaded with a spirit of bonhomie and coupled with enthusiasm towards their work.

ColoursAlive salutes their spirit, and enthusiasm and wishes that they don’t lose that ‘family’ attitude even when they’re a company of 1000.

Covenant India HR Consulting Website

Download Firefox 3 Today – Be Part of a World Record!

I’ve mentioned a number of reasons to use a browser like firefox on my photography blog, but now with the release of Firefox 3 to the public, there are more reasons to consider.

Download Day - English

A world Record! Be a part of it… at the time of writing, there had already been 3.6million downloads across the globe.

Go for it! Get the best browser on the net!

Form to mail a file – PHP solution

I’ve been looking around for some solutions… I’m working on a website that needs to have a file sent to an email address via a web form. One of the quickest solutions that I’ve found so far is “Design By Elle“, on the page titled “PHP mailer form with file attachment“.

Now, the page loads slowly, so do be patient, but it does load, and the PHP form is quite simple to use.

Other links to pages on which this script is based on:

Now, I’ve not checked out these three links, but maybe you’ll find them useful.

Google Ad Sense adds Scroll Buttons!

I noticed something new today…

Google’s Adsense has done something that I’m not particularly happy about. Its gone and added scroll buttons on each of their text ads. This means that people can view more ads on my site (maybe this is actually good for me!) but distracts them from the reason that they’re at my website … my content!

Google Ad with Scroll

Click on the image above to see it full size. It’s a screen shot from Technorati

Google Ad with Scroll

Now, this is a screen capture from my website and as you can see, the arrows just above my comments box are a bit distracting.

Of course, over time people will stop noticing the buttons and just get on with their lives, and yes, Google is just trying to attract more attention so that they can get more clicks…

But that does not mean that I have to like it! Now, unless I see a significant rise in revenue from Google, on a daily basis, I may just remove all the ad sense ads…

What do you think? Would you remove your adsense ads just for this reason? Do let me know in the comments!

Update: Look, Its for real! Problogger had a post about it too!

PS: This blog has been on WordPress 2.5 for a while now, and I should say that its been great. Yes, I’ve had some inconsistencies in the plugin upgrades (some of you may have noticed some issues), but writing this post was a breeze.

I’m a fan!