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The Beautiful Chaos of Indian Roads

I’d like to introduce you to an Indian motovlogging channel called “Biking In India“. It’s a YouTube channel that explores the streets of Chennai, and beyond.

I’ve ridden the same bike for 11 years, and been through quite a few silly incidents with it in that time. Like this one. Through it all, one experience that has not been diluted is the experience of travelling on Indian roads. If anything, it has only become more intense.

Motovlogging YouTubers from India

“Biking In India”Β is one of the new wave of Indian Moto Vloggers who have started posting their videos on YouTube. Take a look at the channel trailer. I think it summarises this motovlogger’s channel quite decently.

Some of my favourite Indian Motovloggers

Some of the other biking vloggers in India that I find have something interesting to talk about and contribute are:

This list is in no particular order of preference and hopefully will be updated. I can see that the inspiration to motovlog has come from the west though. While in India riding a motorcycle is very common (although not sports or higher capacity bikes), it isn’t so common in the west. However, higher cubic capacity bikes are making their way to India and leisure riding is becoming more common, and with it comes the need to be a part of a unique group of individuals. Riding clubs are becoming more common, as are weekend getaway trips.

Documenting all these are the motovloggers mentioned above. Many of them also just document their daily commute to and from work, all the while showing off our ‘unique’ roads… Cows, Cops, jaywalkers, people who are unaware of the rules and more craziness.

Now go ahead and watch that video. You should also check out the other motovloggers that I’ve mentioned because their work is unique, and needs your support. See you around soon.

Vlogging and Motovlogging around the world

Note: I forgot to mention some of my favourite western motovloggers. Top of the list is Walteriffic, followed by others like Motonosity, Chase on 2 Wheels, and others. I distinctly have a preference for vloggers who don’t swear. Walteriffic is like that, as is Motonosity. Among the daily vloggers who keep things clean is “Casey Neistat”…

Amazing work by all these people, and I’m constantly amazed by the quantum of video content that is going online every single day! It’s a torrential downpour!

Now, like I said… Go watch those videos.


I’ve recently become rather interested in the extreme sport – parkour. There’s been a spike in the overall interest in parkour around the globe. However, Parkour in Chennai, India is still in its infancy, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s teaching themselves the basics.

If anyone knows of the guys in Chennai who are gutsy enough to jump of buildings and stuff, call me. πŸ˜€ or shoot me a mail at susheel[dot]c[at]gmail[dot]com.


VisCom Online Forums Launched

Are you a Visual Communication student or professional?

Here’s a brand-new resource to learn about the visual communication course, profession, and professionals. Whether you’re a viscom student or professional, you’ll find information about the various streams of activity like Advertising, Television and Movies, Animation and 3D, Design and Photography. You’ll also find individual forums for Visual Communication and Visual Communication Jobs.

Sign up and start off in the discussions at forums.viscomonline.net. You can also put up tutorials on any of these topics, display your photography or your videos, and do more…

Covenant India website goes Live! ColoursAlive happy.

The entire ColoursAlive team working on the Covenant India Website were pleasantly surprised at the cheering that it received when unveiled at Covenant India’s Corporate Office in Chennai.

Covenant India is a HR Consulting firm that has grown exponentially over the last 5 years, from being a team of 3 in 2003 to a team of 115 in 2008. The entire organisation is perpetually pervaded with a spirit of bonhomie and coupled with enthusiasm towards their work.

ColoursAlive salutes their spirit, and enthusiasm and wishes that they don’t lose that ‘family’ attitude even when they’re a company of 1000.

Covenant India HR Consulting Website

The Last Calligraphed Urdu Daily.

A couple of days ago, a friend and I finished lunch and were about to part ways when he mentioned that he was going to try and find the office of “The Musalman”, possibly the last remaining Calligraphed Urdu Daily newspaper. Being a purported fan of typography and related areas, I had to join in the quest.

Our only lead was the information that the newspaper’s headquarters were in Triplicane, a Muslim dominant area of Chennai. We were in an area where we knew there was an open wi-fi connection, so we headed over to the hot-spot, pulled out my Mac Book Pro (which I happened to be carrying) πŸ˜€ and did a search on the internet. Fortuitously, we found this photograph of their front door, which had their address on it. We now had a destination!

We found the office with no trouble, Mr. Syed Falzulla was kind enough to show us around and tell us a bit about the history of the newspaper. There’s a lot to tell, but it’s already been told. Here is a detailed article written by Wired.com about The Musalman, and here are some photographs of the place.

Now, for the hurriedly put-together ColoursAlive exclusive video shot on my phone πŸ˜‰ Don’t you just love digital technology?