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Vandalur Zoo (aka. Arignar Anna Zoological Park)

Who woulda thunk it? The Vandalur Zoo has a website. Admittedly, a pretty boring one, with limited information about their new features, such as the night safari (which I wanted info about).

If you’re wondering how to navigate the website and understand all that it has to offer, the best way would be to visit the zoo’s sitemap. The best bits about the website are the cryptic url (http://www.aazoopark.gov.in/) and the yahoomail contact address (aazp@yahoo.com).

Really, the Indian Government and it’s agencies should go to advertising / marketing workshops.

Form to mail a file – PHP solution

I’ve been looking around for some solutions… I’m working on a website that needs to have a file sent to an email address via a web form. One of the quickest solutions that I’ve found so far is “Design By Elle“, on the page titled “PHP mailer form with file attachment“.

Now, the page loads slowly, so do be patient, but it does load, and the PHP form is quite simple to use.

Other links to pages on which this script is based on:

Now, I’ve not checked out these three links, but maybe you’ll find them useful.